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Reflective Meditation:
 Cultivating Kindness and Curiosity in the Buddha’s Company

Daily Online Group

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We would like to share our Reflective Meditation practice with you as a refuge, and a time for daily connection, by offering an open meditation group.

When: EVERYDAY, including weekends


Time: 9am to 10am PT

Schedule 9am PT – short dharma talk or conversation 30 minute meditation sitting 10 minutes reflective journaling 9:50am PT – 10 minute sharing/ closing

For more detailed information, CLICK HERE


All held online in 2021; led by Linda and other reflective meditation teachers. In person, May 2022! Details coming soon.

Ethical Reflecting

For Buddhist meditation and mindfulness teachers: an experiential course to restore your ethical curiosity while teaching, whether on your own or within a sangha.


Mentorship and training to dive more deeply into Reflective Meditation practice, and to teach this style of meditation.

Sati Sangha's

To support and foster greater self-understanding and spiritual development through Reflective Meditation practice combined with the study of early Buddhist teachings.
We offer both local and online communities, meditation retreats, and a mentorship program for those aspiring to teach this meditation practice in their own communities.

Agreements for Participation


  • right to control the direction of your learning
  • speak with self honesty and self regulation to foster understanding between us
  • use care, curiosity, and flexibility while meditating


  • treating different kinds of experience equitably
  • treating each other equitably
  • holding what we hear and observe with care and confidentiality
  • acknowledge that there will be differences of opinion


  • self honesty, being truthful with yourself
  • keeping your commitments to yourself and your development
  • acknowledge there may be resistance to practice and self care


  • your experience and presence matters to us
  • we offer our teachings with a suggested supportive donation so we can continue to teach Reflective Meditation to anyone who has an interest

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