Sati Sangha: Reflective Meditation is a thoughtful and creative take on meditation, mindfulness, and being still.

Sati Sangha’s mission is to support and foster greater self-understanding and spiritual development through Reflective Meditation practice combined with the study of early Buddhist teachings.
We offer both local and online communities, meditation retreats, and a mentorship program for those aspiring to teach this meditation practice in their own communities.

From Sati Sangha and Pine Street Sangha
We don’t know how long this period of social distancing will last: these times are stressful and fear can easily consume us. Nelly Kaufer and I would like to share our reflective meditation practice with you as a refuge and a time for daily connection. We’re offering an open meditation group to both our communities.

Everyday – starting March 17, 2020
End date: TBD
Time: 9am to 10am PDT

9am PDT – short dharma conversation
30 minute meditation sitting
10 minutes reflective journaling
9:50am PDT – 10 minute sharing/ closing

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Sati Sangha offers a few ways to meditate and reflect with friends

Online Groups

Meditate on your own with others daily and with small groups online; led by Linda and other reflective meditation teachers.


Teacher Training

Mentorship and training to dive more deeply into Reflective Meditation practice, and to teach this style of meditation.



Opportunities to meditate and integrate the practice through online retreats. In person retreats will resume some time in the future.


Agreements for Reflective Meditation Practice


  • right to control the direction of your learning
  • avoid speech and actions that harm yourself & other participants
  • keep confidentiality of group members


  • treating different kinds of experience equitably
  • treating each other equitably
  • acknowledgement that there will be differences of opinion


  • self honesty, being truthful with yourself
  • keeping your commitments to yourself and to your development
  • acknowledge there may be resistance to practice and self care


  • we offer our teachings with a suggested supportive donation so we can continue to teach Reflective Meditation to anyone who has interest

More Ways To Engage


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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit funded entirely through your Support and Generosity.

Sati – mindfulness, awareness and recollective awareness, presence of mind, discerning, receptivity, to remember, to reflect upon

Sangha – community of meditators, friends meditating together with consideration and respect