Bringing our meditation sittings into a conversation with another person changes the conversation to a relationship; one of developing trust, care, and collaboration. The Dharma teachings emerge between us. — Linda Modaro

Sati Sangha: Reflective Meditation – a secular meditation practice with an emphasis on the way we are connected with ourselves, with others, and with our world.

www.dharma.org.auSati Sangha offers many ways to meditate and reflect with friends:

  • Local Meetups: half-day and day-long meditation groups.
  • Residential Retreats: opportunities to meditate and integrate the practice in beautiful, peaceful settings.
  • Online Groups and Retreats: meditate on your own with others; led by Linda and other reflective meditation teachers.
  • One on One: support and mentorship from Linda Modaro, our lead teacher.
  • Teacher Training: mentorship for meditation teachers to learn to teach reflective meditation. Coming soon – Ethical Reflection modules that will be open to teachers from other Buddhist traditions.

More ways to engage:

The Sati Sangha Council and friends.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit funded entirely through your Support and Generosity.
For a copy of our books, please contact Linda Modaro at linda@satisangha.org

Sati – mindfulness, awareness and recollective awareness, presence of mind, discerning, receptivity, to remember, to reflect upon

Sangha – community of meditators, friends meditating together with consideration and respect