Bringing our meditation sittings into a conversation with another person changes the conversation to a relationship; one of developing trust, care, and collaboration. The Dharma teachings emerge between us. — Linda Modaro

Sati Sangha: Reflective Meditation is a thoughtful and creative take on meditation, mindfulness, and being still.

www.dharma.org.auSati Sangha offers many ways to meditate and reflect with friends:

  • Local Meetups: half-day and day-long meditation groups, and CE workshops.
  • Retreats: opportunities to meditate and integrate the practice in beautiful, peaceful settings.
  • Online Groups: meditate on your own with others; led by Linda and other reflective meditation teachers.
  • One on One: support and mentorship from Linda Modaro, our lead teacher.
  • Teacher Training: mentorship for meditation teachers to blend reflective meditation with their unique orientation to teaching.

More ways to engage:

The Sati Sangha Council and friends.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit funded entirely through your Support and Generosity.

Sati – mindfulness, awareness and recollective awareness, presence of mind, discerning, receptivity, to remember, to reflect upon

Sangha – community of meditators, friends meditating together with consideration and respect