Most procedures tend toward legalistic, eye-crossing language; we have tried to keep ours simple and constructive.  Everyone named in this procedure has shown long-term commitment to fair and reasonable outcomes within relationships.

Our procedure for considering and resolving complaints with us in Sati Sangha:

Email or call to set up a time to speak with Linda Modaro, as Director and Teacher at Sati Sangha.


If you are not comfortable meeting with Linda on your own, you can bring another person along with you.  Maybe someone who understands the issue, someone you trust, who may have a similar concern, or is a neutral party.


If you are not comfortable bringing the issue to Linda Modaro, you can contact another teacher: Nelly Kaufer, of Pine Street Sangha, or Janet Keyes who is an Reflective Meditation Teacher. You may also bring another person along with you to this meeting.


You can elect to contact Derek LeDayn, an outside consultant, through email or an online meeting with your issue.  After contact with you and Sati Sangha, he will offer you fair and dispassionate guidance on the issue and put it in writing to both you and Sati Sangha.

Hopefully, any one of these interactions will resolve the issue. If for some reason, it is not resolved, you can continue with the Council for Sati Sangha:

We ask that you put the issue in writing to the Council.  If you need help doing so, the person you initially contacted can help you with this.  Please send it to Sophie Davis-Cohen or Nina Asher, Council Co-presidents.

The Council will set up a time to meet with you online, and then speak with any relevant parties, get advice from others and make a decision about the issue, if needed.

They will follow up with you, in writing, at the end of the process.

Contact Details

Linda Modaro, Director and Teacher, Sati Sangha
Nelly Kaufer, Teacher, Pine Street Sangha
Janet Keyes, Teacher, Befriend Your Mind
Sophie Davis-Cohen, Sati Sangha, Council Co-President
Nina Asher, Sati Sangha, Council Co-President
Jennie Reece, Sati Sangha, Council Secretary
Pouyan Afkari, Sati Sangha, Council Treasurer
Kim Henderson, Sati Sangha
Stacy Waneka, Sati Sangha
Derek LeDayn, Yin Yoga Teacher and Advisor to the Council