Below we have posted the Dharma talks given at the daily online meditation groups. Each one is about 10 minutes. If on your own you want to try Reflective Meditation practice, play one of the talks before you meditate. After your meditation session, reflect back upon your experience of what happened for you during the meditation sitting. 
See where this leads you, we are interested in how your practice develops.
And, of course, we invite you to meditate with us. Any morning, every morning at 9am PDT.


Daily Online Meditation: Dharma Talks & Prompts

November: Reflection
November: An Unconventional Glossary
November: What is Reflective Meditation
November: Teacher's Choice
October: Student-centric Approach
October: Repetition
October: Self Honesty
October: Teacher's Choice
September: Old Age, Sickness, and Death
September/October: Refuge
September: Teacher's Choice
August: Learning Conditionality
August: Teacher's Choice
July/August: Voicing Our Experience
July: Greed
July: Our Reflective Meditation Groups
July: Teacher's Choice
June: Distraction & Drifting Off
June: Friendship
June: The Three Poisons
June: Language of Experience
June: Teacher's Choice
May: Describing Reflective Meditation
May: Code of Ethics
May: Teacher's Choice
April/May: Ennobling
April: Teacher's Choice
March: Teacher's Choice
February: What Develops
February: Sati
February: Questions from the Community
February: Teacher’s Choice
January/February: Four-Cornered Argument
January: Is Reflective Meditation Feminist?
January: Is Reflective Meditation Psychotherapy?
January: Questions from the Community
January: Power
January: Teacher's Choice
December: Questions from the Community
December: Dana and Upadana
December: Teacher's Choice
November: Creativity
November: Climate Crisis
November: Teacher's Choice
October/November: Tuwhiri Book
September/October: Attachment
September: The Fetters
September: Phrase of the Day
September: Teacher's Choice
August/September: Word of the Day
August: Healthy Denial
August: Ideals and Aspirations
August: Teacher's Choice
July/August: Satipatthana Sutta
July: Practice in Daily Life
July: Sangha Leadership
July: Transcendence
July: Teacher's Choice
June: Revamp
June: Teacher's Choice
May/June: Three Poisons
May: Sustainability
May: Intention
May: Dialetics in Meditative Experience
May: Teacher's Choice
April: Aggregates
April: Ideals
April: Three Marks of Existence
April: Teacher's Choice
March: Support
March: Receptive Listening
March: Teacher's Choice
February/March: Student Questions
February: Speech
February: Differentiation
February: Teacher's Choice
January: Conditionality


December/January: Teachers Choice
December: Generosity
November/December: Development in Practice
November: Exploring Your Meditation
November: Self
November: The Week After
November: Present Moment
October: Four Cornered Argument
October: Brahmaviharas
October: Shifts in Perspective
October: Honesty and Truthfulness
September/October: Teacher's Choice
September Retreat: Intentional Stillness & Activity
September: Conceits
September: Transitions
August/September: Fundamentals of Reflective Meditation
August: Refuge
August: Ethics
July: Factors of Awakening
June Online Retreat: International and Easygoing
June: Ethics
June: Boundaries
June: Creativity
May/June: Eightfold Path
May: Four Ennobling Truths/Tasks
April Online Retreat: International Retreat in Your Own Home
March Online Retreat: The Imagination of the Unreal