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Sati Sangha and Pine Street Sangha started a daily online meditation group on March 17, 2020, soon after we found out about the COVID pandemic. The Dharma talks from this online sangha are now available on Apple Podcast or through the free Podbean app. To access the talks through the Podbean app, just download the app to your device and enter a user name and password to create your account. Within the Podbean app, search for Reflective Meditation to find the Daily Online Sangha recordings.

The Dharma recordings listed on this page are a sampling of the 900+ recordings available at (instructions for using Podbean). The podcast is an ongoing collection of the Dharma talks given each day. Unedited talks. Just as we don’t edit your meditation sittings. Authentic conversations, speaking with friends. Each Dharma talk is about 10 minutes. Listen to one before you meditate. Afterwards journal about what you remember happening, and then reflect on your experience. See where this leads you.

And, of course, we invite you to meditate with us. Any morning, every morning at 9am PT.


Daily Online Meditation: Dharma Talks & Prompts