*Sati Sangha has been approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and relies solely on your support and donations.

What does Meditation Instruction Cost?

We offer suggestions for support or donations rather than a set fee, although no one is turned away for lack of ability to pay. We encourage meditators who work with us on a regular basis to make an ongoing commitment with a monthly pledge. More information

Suggested Support Range

Local Meetup (Half Day): $15-50
Local Meetup (All Day): $40-150
Individual Session: $30-160
Online Group: $15-$50
Monthly Pledge: $60-200
Workshops and Retreats: Dependent on length of time, retreat center fees, transportation, and expenses

Ways to Offer Support

1. One-Time Donation via PayPal:
Please note that Paypal will not work with some browsers. Chrome is the most reliable.


2. Checks: Make checks out to Sati Sangha. Please mail to:

Linda Modaro
528 Arizona Avenue, Suite 208
Santa Monica, CA 90401

3. Monthly Pledge via PayPal:

Monthly Pledge Amount (in $USD):

Why do we still teach on Support and Generosity?

Our desire for leading a respectful, generous life and sharing it with others, leads us.

We have put much thought into what can make our organization sustainable, and have borrowed ideas from Buddhist traditions and current financial models, as well as, other generous meditation communities taking into account what it costs to live in this present time.

Here is what we have come up with, what we hope is a viable way to offer our teachings:

1. We encourage those who are meditating with us regularly to make an ongoing commitment with a monthly pledge.  This insures a more dependable flow of financial support to Sati Sangha.

2. We propose a suggested donation range for individual sessions, small group meetings, and monthly workshops rather than a set fee, although no one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay.  Our hope is that a majority of participants will be able to pay at the middle range.  If you are able to pay on the higher end, this will be very helpful and lend support to the teaching, and some living expenses for Linda Modaro; as well as for students who are experiencing financial challenges.  If you are unable to pay at the low end of the scale, talk to Linda and we will try to work it out.  By being generous in this way you help us offer these teachings to everyone regardless of their financial resources.

3. For retreats and larger workshops we have established our registration fees and support as a range, rather than setting one amount to cover expenses with a request for an additional donation for the teachings. The low end of the range covers only out-of-pocket expenses for the retreat center and teachers. Payment at the higher ranges support the teaching and living expenses for Linda Modaro, honorariums for co-teachers, and students experiencing financial challenges. We do not want to turn anyone away for lack of financial resources. Those who cannot afford the lowest range should talk to Linda; we will try to find a way to work it out.

We are very grateful for your support and generosity.