eJournal: Reflective Meditation



Reflective Meditation: A Creative Path for Mindful Practice

The recollective awareness and reflective meditation communities stretch across the globe. Over this past year, we began collaborating to create an eJournal that could help to connect diverse practitioners from around the world, all who practice this unique approach to meditation. The results of this collaboration have been compiled into an eJournal with submissions of art, writing, poetry, music, and sculpture—all related to our meditation practice. This eJournal represents an attempt to give voice to the diverse experience and creative expression of practitioners of this approach to meditation.

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We have worked hard to make the eJournal as professional and as beautiful as we can; we are proud of this work and hope you find the offerings valuable and engaging. We also invite you to share this link freely. Our intention is to make this resource available as widely as possible to those practicing this approach.

While we are offering this eJournal in the spirit of Dana, the time and expenses of putting it together were substantially more than we anticipated. If you would like to contribute anything toward the production costs of this edition, or future ones, please feel free to offer your Dana and denote eJournal in your contribution.

To keep the eJournal alive and ‘in mind’, our intention is to hold a few online forums through Sati Sangha in 2018 to discuss some of the works presented in the eJournal. Please check back here or sign up for our mailing list to receive updates.

Again, we invite you to share this freely, and enjoy the creativity of our communities!

From the Editors:
Erin Harrop, erinharrop@gmail.com
Janet Keyes, jan8keez@gmail.com
Linda Modaro, linda@satisangha.org
Wendy Liepman, wliepman@yahoo.com


Painting by Kim Knuth