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ONLINE Reflective Meditation: A Refuge for Care and Friendship

Friday, August 16, 2019 – Monday, August 19, 2019

ONLINE Reflective Meditation: A Refuge for Care and Friendship
With Linda Modaro, Erica Dutton and Traci Hodes

Please note all times are in Eastern Standard Time, not Pacific Standard Time.
10 – 11am EST: Introduction, Check in, and Dharma Talk
11 – 1pm EST: Meditation and free time
1 – 2pm EST: Reflection Group
2 – 5pm EST: Meditation and free time
5 – 6pm EST: Daily Discussion and Closing

Most likely you will have a goal in mind when you come to meditation practice. What is in your mind and heart matters deeply and does not need to be separated out from your meditation practice. Much of the learning comes from your own recognition and insight, rather than from an authority, a tradition, or any dogmatic and rigid way of thinking about meditation.

This retreat will be beneficial for you if:

• You want to have a retreat in your own home.

• You want to participate in an online group practice with a live teacher and sangha.

• Option to choose your own getaway destination while participating in an online meditation retreat.

• If your work schedule does not allow you to get away for a week-long retreat.

Periods of meditation and free time will be on your own. The Dharma talks will be given online, but recorded, so you can log online to listen “live” or listen later to the recordings. Reflection groups will be scheduled online and are optional. (See schedule below)

For those who are new to our practice or would like some assistance, we will help you design a schedule taking into account your personal situation and level of practice. Here are some of the questions we will discuss with you:

• How long should I meditate?
• What activities can I do while on retreat?
• What if I can only do a portion of the retreat?
• How do I handle chores and daily meals on retreat?
• How much can I be on my phone or devices during the retreat?

Feel free to reach out and contact us to better acquaint yourself with our residential retreat and philosophy.

No fees, donation only

Email for more information.