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San Diego Local Meetup

Saturday, February 16, 2019, 9:00am – 3:30pm Pacific Time (PT) convert time
With Linda Modaro

Why use Meditation and Reflection?

Most likely you will have a goal in mind when you come to meditation practice. What is in your mind and heart matters deeply, and does not need to be separated out from your meditation practice.

Whether you want to clear your mind of thoughts, relax and de-stress, or follow your breath and body sensations, our meditation instructions are simple and easy, and you can’t do them wrong.

Starting gently, and staying near to your experience during meditation you will begin to trust the capacity to discover ways of being skillful within the practice and with life experiences.  Much of the learning comes from your own recognition and insight, rather than from an authority, a tradition, or any dogmatic and rigid way of thinking about meditation.

We believe that you can learn beneficial ways of meditating by seeing how your mind operates within meditation.  This kind of “seeing” can be naturally developed through recollection and reflection, whether done in a journal or expressed verbally to an experienced teacher or peers.

9am Meet / Settle / Tiny Dharma Talk

9:15-10 Meditate and Journal (half hour sitting)

10-10:45 Meditate and Journal (half hour sitting)

Tea Break

11-12pm – Small Groups

12-12:45 – Lunch

12:45-1:45 – Meditate and Journal (40-minute sitting)

1:45-3pm – A little more than Tiny Dharma Talk / Conversation / Closing

We will be meeting at the Dharma Bums Temple, 4144 Campus Avenue, San Diego 92103.
Please bring an additional $10 cash as dana for use of the space.

Email for more information.


Suggested Dana Range: $40-150