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Santa Monica – Monthly Group

Sunday, September 24, 2017
With Linda Modaro
Santa Monica, CA

Linda Modaro will be leading these groups at Santa Monica Acupuncture and Meditation.

9am to 12pm – committed students group
1pm to 4pm – new and ongoing students group

If you are new to meditation, it is likely, you will find this approach easy and friendly.  If you already have a meditation practice, this approach might be quite a leap from your prior experience.

We practice a gentle, reflective, open-awareness meditation, which welcomes our whole experience, including our thoughts and feelings. We give ourselves and each other permission to experience whatever comes up in meditation, with honesty and with kindness.

Each session begins with a short talk followed by a meditation sitting. After the sitting, we take a few minutes to reflect on our inner experience, and then, in our own words, we write down and journal what we remember, bringing in as many details as we can recall.  Or we draw and remember.  Or we walk and remember.

Afterwards we take turns sharing our recollections, as we feel comfortable. There is no pressure to share any or all of your experience. We listen respectfully to one another, and questions are asked by the facilitator to bring out different aspects of the meditation experience, and reflections on the Dharma. It is in the process of listening and being heard that the true strength of the practice is revealed. Through practicing this way with others over time, we become deeply intimate with our own inner worlds, and known to one another. Confidentiality about what we say and hear is expected.

Though you can’t do this meditation practice wrong, it does take some time to trust the practice and allow yourself to participate in it wholeheartedly.

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Suggested Dana Range: $40-150