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Teaching Meditation Backwards

Saturday, November 16, 2019 – Sunday, November 17, 2019
With Linda Modaro and Matt Young

Teaching Meditation Backwards
Clifton Hill, Australia – Melbourne Meditation Centre

Meditation is usually taught as a set of instructions, principles and techniques; handed down from the ‘expert’ teacher to the ‘novice’ student.

This is an approach predicated on the assumption that the teacher knows best, that the meditation instructions are in some way ‘optimal’, and that the student’s own instincts and wisdom should be set aside during the learning process. Here are some of the questions we’ll consider in this workshop on ‘teaching meditation backwards.’

Can anyone know what’s best for another?
Are the meditation instructions or techniques that suit us the best instructions for our students?
And might it be possible that students can learn to meditate without instructions at all?

Linda and Matt will also describe and demonstrate how to support meditation students in their own process of learning, through the use of curiosity-driven listening and questioning.

The workshop is open to meditation and mindfulness teachers as well as anyone interested in exploring a student-centered approach to meditation. Over the two days you’ll have the opportunity to hear unusually detailed accounts of what happens during meditation and to learn how to skillfully engage with your students using a patient and compassionate approach to teaching meditation.

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