"A realistic meditation practice for human beings like us. Practical methods for perceiving and knowing ourselves and others, individually and in community, creating a foundation for fulfilling the Buddhist precepts."
Jean Maria Arrigo
Irvine, CA USA

This approach is helpful for people who:

-Have never meditated before
-Already have an established meditation practice
-Believe that they cannot meditate
-Are at an impasse or want more from their meditation practice
-Value honesty, inquiry, and independence
-Wish to discover new ways to engage with the dharma

Simple Instructions for a meditation practice:

  1. Choose a comfortable position and an amount of time you would like to meditate.
  2. Let your thoughts, feelings and sensations move, holding your body relatively still.
  3. If you feel overwhelmed at any point you can bring your focus to an object (your body, a phrase or picture, the breath), or you can get up and move around.
  4. At the end of your meditation session, reflect back upon your experience by writing it down or simply remembering.
  5. Explore about your experience with a teacher, peer or friend.

Further Meditation Instruction

Sati Sangha offers a variety of online and in-person opportunities for learning and practicing this approach to meditation:

Linda will arrange to meet with you, in person, on the phone or online, to have a conversation about the most suitable way for us to work together in your meditation practice. There is no charge for this consultation.

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