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"A realistic meditation practice for human beings like us. Practical methods for perceiving and knowing ourselves and others, individually and in community, creating a foundation for fulfilling the Buddhist precepts."
Jean Maria Arrigo
Irvine, CA USA

This approach is helpful for people who:

-Have never meditated before
-Already have an established meditation practice
-Believe that they cannot meditate
-Are at an impasse or want more from their meditation practice
-Value honesty, inquiry, and independence
-Wish to discover new ways to engage with the dharma

Simple Instructions for a meditation practice:

  1. COMFORT: Choose a comfortable position and an amount of time you would like to meditate.
  2. RELATIVE STILLNESS: Let your thoughts, feelings and sensations move, holding your body relatively still.
  3. CARE: If you feel overwhelmed at any point you can bring your focus to an object (your body, a phrase or picture, the breath), or you can get up and move around.
  4. REFLECT: At the end of your meditation session, reflect back upon your experience by writing it down or simply remembering.
  5. VOICE: Explore about your experience with a teacher, peer or friend.

Further Meditation Instruction