"The teachers of this tradition and the community that has grown up around them engage one another in reflection about the experience of meditation. This inquiry is completely without judgment. It simply invites further awareness. We are all in it together, teachers and students alike. We share our insights and our questions."​
Victoria Howard
Portland, OR​ USA

Due to COVID-19, our in person events are cancelled until further notice.

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Suggested support: $15-50 for three hour / $40-150 for daylong group meetups. We encourage regular students to make an ongoing commitment with a monthly pledge.

Meeting in your area: We typically start with a short Dharma talk followed by a 20-40 minute silent meditation sitting, in whatever form of meditation practice you choose. Time is given after the sitting to recollect and/or journal your experience. The group will include more than one meditation sitting, and you will have the opportunity to share your reflections, if you would like to. Most local meetups include time for a longer dharma talk and group exploration/discussion.