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from Linda Modaro I stopped using the word when I started studying Buddhism. Not because anyone told me to explicitly, but because it seemed to belong to Christianity, my religion of birth (Jesus said it and that meeting is down the hall!). So, I adapted to the language of the Buddha and spoke of compassion, loving-kindness, sympathetic joy, … read on

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2017 July Reflections

by Linda Modaro Like awareness, a photograph can catch a moment in time, say a thousand words, and express a mixture of mood and feeling.  The view co-mingles with clarity, shadows, and other unknown elements. Full Article

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Interview with David Barash: Buddhism and Biology

By Josh Summers As part of my ongoing conversation series for www.meaningoflife.tv, I’ve had the great pleasure to connect with David Barash, professor emeritus of psychology – specifically evolutionary psychology – at the University of Washington. In this conversation, David unpacks the convergences and divergences between Buddhist views of the world and those of a … read on

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Sitting Together (a book preview from Wisdom Pubs, Inc.)

By Sumi Loundon Kim I once asked a university psychologist which undergraduates survived crisis better, be it the onset of debilitating depression, addiction, a car accident, or death in the family: those who’d grown up with a spiritual path, or those who didn’t? Without hesitation he said that students with a spiritually grounded childhood, whether … read on

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Self Improvement

By Janet Keyes We like to think that because we have learned to know our various mind states we ought to be able to order up our preferred ones, like on Amazon We think self-awareness should reduce envy or that if we are really good meditators, we won’t feel the sting of envy at all, … read on

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Unraveling the Fabric of Prejudice

By Steele Bennett There are different types of suffering in the world. There is the suffering we cause ourselves through craving, hate and delusion, that we need to wake up from. And there is the suffering that comes from life’s catastrophes, which cannot be stopped, though we can perhaps lessen the suffering they cause. And … read on

Take Back Monkey Mind

By Nelly Kaufer I remember being in the jungle in Guatemala, looking up at the lush canopy of overgrowth and being mesmerized by spider monkeys swinging gracefully from branch to branch. I never knew where each monkey would go next or how they would move. This seemed like freedom and it looked good to me. … read on

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2017 April – Dharma Query

Simple definitions of teachings in Buddhadharma: Dependent arising or Conditionality Within our experience, nothing arises in isolation; when this arises, so does that, with the arising of this, so that arises, refers back to multiplicity and a variety of conditions that make up experience Interconnectedness Within our experience, everything is connected; there is no true … read on

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Sitting with Strong Emotions

By Linda Modaro “Like trusted friends are a safe place to pour out your heart; meditation is, too.” In life and in meditation intense emotions may elicit self-diagnoses.  As feelings amp up and escalate you may begin to label yourself: depressed, anxious, addicted, co-dependent, suicidal, psychotic, homicidal…. crazy. A tendency to self-label may be useful … read on

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Secret Lists

By Linda Modaro Over the years, I have kept a secret list of what Buddhist meditation teachers do not do. They do not: sing country music and rock themselves during meditation give dharma talks on love watch TV series like ‘The Good Wife’ all day on a Sunday, five episodes in a row like a … read on