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Take Back Monkey Mind

I remember being in the jungle in Guatemala, looking up at the lush canopy of overgrowth and being mesmerized by spider monkeys swinging gracefully from branch to branch. I never knew where each monkey would go next or how they would move. This seemed like freedom and it looked good to me. So how then did monkey mind get such a bad rap in the meditative and mindfulness world? I purposely titled this piece “Take … read on

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When Our World Breaks Apart…

When our world breaks apart, it is hard to remember what a privilege it is to be a human being with desire and motivation for understanding, reflection, and meditation practice. It is an advantage, something to be grateful for, not only because so many never have the opportunity, but also because many who do lack the inclination. Linda Modaro  

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What is Meditation?

Sitting with breathing with body aches with pillows, bright lights with wondering if you can really call this meditation, it feels like driving on the 405. Sitting and sleeping Sitting and ruminating Sitting and waiting not moving, not running, not doing anything. Sitting and making to do lists, redecorating the kitchen, writing an email to Soma, did she get stood up on Valentine’s day or not? Sitting wallowing Sitting swallowing Sitting and forgetting, and forgetting, … read on