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Analysis of ‘That’s Taboo’

My contribution to the eJournal was three ‘guided’ meditations which I created based on the practice of Reflective Meditation. In That’s Taboo I present our meditation instructions as “Our story is that we want to hear your story.” Not your typical meditation instruction, eh? We want you to sit with your stories in the meditation, not to concretize them, but because they can help you develop a meditation practice that is relevant and integrated with … read on

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Announcing a Request for eBook (now eJournal) Submissions

To: Recollective Awareness Meditation practitioners From: An eBook Organizing Committee / Linda Modaro, Janet Keyes, Wendy Liepman, Laura Bennett, Erin Harrop Greetings dear meditators, We have come together to preserve and document the many voices that have evolved in our approach to meditation.  One suggestion that arose simultaneously among us was to create an eBook that can provide a forum for our voices to be heard, and where we can express our relationship to this … read on