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Sati’s New Retreat Page!

Sati Sangha recently created a new resource for keeping up with reflective meditation retreats that are happening globally.  We would love for you to take a look at the new site and share any feedback with us. Also, if you’d like to add your event to the list, please contact Linda Modaro. New Reflective Meditation Retreat: http://www.reflectivemeditationretreat.com/

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Time Out

Retreat. Go inward before you go forward. It is good advice that we can’t always take. We may need some supportive conditions to help this develop. A time to practice backing away from something that we are close to. A big Time Out, let’s say. Kind of like when you behaved badly as a kid and were made to go sit alone in a corner, and you found this not a punishment, but a gift. No one bothered you, … read on

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Foundation for Mindfulness

Last month I wrote a piece about integrating past practices into your current meditation practice. In my transition from moving meditation to sitting meditation a few things were missing, so I began a search. The search, more apparent to me now, was semi-conscious and included things that I knew I wanted, as well as things that I didn’t even know I was missing. For example, I knew I wanted a practice that welcomed my intense emotions rather than … read on

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Integrating Past Practices into Reflective Meditation

It was a transitional time for my meditation practice in the late 90’s, but I didn’t know it then. I could no longer continue my daily moving-meditation practice due to health issues, so I was primed for Recollective Awareness meditation when I met Jason Siff in 1998. Up until then, each morning I would do tai ji practices; some of the patterns I especially liked or I would improvise and blend movements, taking breaks to let … read on

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Finding your voice

Finding your voice: to prepare for speaking, to manage to say something after being too nervous or afraid to speak,  to express yourself and your ideas in the way you want. It is not unusual for other voices to enter our meditation sittings, have their say, and leave us wondering what that was all about?  Finding your own voice and knowing when to use it can be like sorting through a mob of kangaroos ‘in there’ (remember I … read on

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2019 Retreat Planning

Please give time to this very brief survey and let us know which retreats you would like to attend or create in 2019.  Click HERE to get started.

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Presumptions and Reactions

An oil-woman kept a parrot which used to amuse her with its agreeable talk and friendliness, and she had him to watch her shop when she went out and about. One day, when the parrot was alone in the shop, a cat chasing a mouse caused such commotion that it rattled the parrot’s cage and upset one of the oil-jars. When the oil-woman returned home she thought that the parrot had done this mischief, and in her anger she struck the parrot … read on

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Fading Away

I believe that every human being has valuable qualities and deserves some kindness and compassion, but I can’t always feel and act this way. The desire to reconcile this ‘so called’ discrepancy distorts my thoughts and feelings, and can keep me trying to correct my actions, rather than understanding how this view* is intricately woven into my daily life.  Sometimes, it just sucks that I can’t surgically remove this complex from my experience, fix it up, and then put it back into my … read on