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Unraveling the Fabric of Prejudice

There are different types of suffering in the world. There is the suffering we cause ourselves through craving, hate and delusion, that we need to wake up from. And there is the suffering that comes from life’s catastrophes, which cannot be stopped, though we can perhaps lessen the suffering they cause. And then there is the suffering of humanity that comes from the cruelty of injustice, that plays out in countless ways every day, across … read on

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2017 April – Dharma Query

Simple definitions of teachings in Buddhadharma: Dependent arising or Conditionality Within our experience, nothing arises in isolation; when this arises, so does that, with the arising of this, so that arises, refers back to multiplicity and a variety of conditions that make up experience Interconnectedness Within our experience, everything is connected; there is no true separation different than appearances, refers back to the idea that all things are of the same underlying reality The early … read on

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Sitting with Strong Emotions

By Linda Modaro “Like trusted friends are a safe place to pour out your heart; meditation is, too.” In life and in meditation intense emotions may elicit self-diagnoses.  As feelings amp up and escalate you may begin to label yourself: depressed, anxious, addicted, co-dependent, suicidal, psychotic, homicidal…. crazy. A tendency to self-label may be useful at first; you might take a situation more seriously if things have gotten “that bad”.  The label makes things clear … read on