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Intention and Attention in Psychotherapy and Meditation

By Nina Asher I have thought a lot about the concept of intention as it applies to both psychotherapy and meditation.  My life’s intention is an ongoing commitment to working on myself. My work as a psychotherapist allows me to help others in their commitment to this journey. My meditation practice creates a space in which I can quietly reflect on my thoughts, and like in contemplative psychotherapy, see what is arising. Whereas psychotherapy is … read on

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We are Only Our Thoughts

By Jerome Lewis We experience our non-abstract and personal thoughts and feelings, which continually occur in our mind about other people and ourselves, as if they’re actually being currently lived out in the world, rather than simply thought out in our mind. It’s this lived-out quality of our thought-feelings that makes them seem so real and have so much impact on us. It is significant, then, to be able to see that this in-the-world phenomenon … read on