Meditation and Poetry – Wilton, NSW Australia

“I recently attended Linda’s creative meditation retreat – the juices flowed into Tanka poetry – in Wilton, NSW Australia, a beautiful peaceful location where I concentrated on messages from my inner world. People smirk when they hear that I was at a silence retreat as they know I have spent my life talking.

I actually love the silence aspect. The most astonishing insight occurred at the end of the retreat. Although we had not had conversations our regulated group discussions resulted in us feeling we knew each other. The reality was we had achieved more intimacy, than if we had spent five days indulging in the normal chit chat of life.

I started the retreat sceptical of the benefit of ‘reflective meditation’ but by the end I was converted to the idea that the method had its strengths.”

– Frances Black, Sydney, Australia, NSW

Tanka’s below:

my puppeteer
plucks his magic-
heart strings sing
my tiny grandson

our minds are
rarely is there
no missing piece

i fly around
the kingdom of my mind
endlessly fine-tuning
keen to improve
my inner self

day-dream, trance
the ladder
we climb to find
inner reality

upside down
inside out

life’s lucky dip
inside us all
foe, friend, ally
man’s repeated story