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Sati Sangha was formed in order to continue the teaching of a thoughtful, respectful, grounded approach to meditation based on the early teachings of the Buddha.  The future of this orientation towards meditation along with our adaptions, depends on offering teaching and training to others so that individuals have an opportunity to practice meditation along with a reflective process.

In our community, relationships, and organization, we aspire to cultivate wholesome qualities; qualities which mirror what we cultivate internally through our understanding of dharma, the teachings of Buddhism.


Reflection: Not being an inherent part of learning in our culture it takes effort, commitment, and a dose of healthy skepticism to recollect, reflect upon, and explore our experience and narratives in meditation and in life.

Independence within a Community: Balancing a need for self-understanding along with care and attention to relationships, we are a small but wide-spread sangha with no membership required.

Growth: Mutual support for growth in meditation and understanding of dharma, alongside moderately paced organizational growth which is responsive to the needs and resources of our community.

Progress: Our direction is gentleness and responsiveness to conditions rather than striving and ambition.

Giving: The development of generosity and gratitude rather than obligation.

Roles and Boundaries: We aim for clarity in our roles and responsibilities, balancing flexibility with light structure.  Leaning towards transparency, we want to include discussions about dual relationships and setting boundaries with each other, revisiting these periodically over time.

Communication: Honest and kind communication considering the impact on others.  We agree to acknowledge conflicts and difficulties that build inside us, and bring them into our meditation practice.  With appropriate timing, we encourage discussion among those involved.