A Question about Reflective Meditation

A meditator’s question: In your orientation towards meditation, I want to question what seems like a bias that this practice is more “natural”.  Can you say a few things about this?

Linda’s response: These days in teaching, I don’t tend to use the word “natural” about our practice, and yet, many meditators speak about the ease and relaxation that comes from taking a more “natural” (relaxed, fitting with their body type) posture, or how having a sense of play and spontaneity return to their practice feels like a “natural” evolution.
My first encounter with the approach which encouraged me to be more honest with what I encounter when I meditate, was radical at the time, and a good fit for my temperament and abilities; but it came with an instinct that ‘this is right’, better than other practices. It is easier to see this in hindsight.
Currently, when listening to meditators I hear ways of knowing that arise intuitively – like doors into thoughts and feelings that open “naturally” without much effort, so thank you for the question as it looks like the word still fits when used in the appropriate context.