Being in the “Now”

Our practice has deep roots in early Buddhism but lives in the modern era. One of the ways I am integrating our past and present is by changing the image on Sati’s homepage. Images on websites come and go rapidly, but this change is made with careful consideration and with the knowledge that it will change again.

Like the image of the Quan Yin or Padmapani statue, the new image personifies Reflective Meditation: a human being in meditative posture. When you look closer at the statue, it is hard to say he or she for the gender. I would like to keep that mystery going forward, but since both embody the feminine, I will refer to them as she.

She who is new to Reflective Meditation sits with all her colors. Her ethnicity is not clear, even her skin tone could be interpreted as colored with some white. Her eyes are closed, and she holds still amidst swirling movement around her. Her bare chest and red lips speak of knowing the world that she lives in. Like some youth of the day, the multi-colored wrap comes with a beanie on her head. I sense an openness to and blending with the external atmosphere – how the spiritual and secular blend in our contemporary culture. 

She seems to encapsulate flowing creativity, whereas the statue holds her position firmly with an ancient history. Quan Yin and Padmapani are from an exotic culture different than our own, when great sages walked the earth. Her form was sculpted in a highly-skilled artistic process that started with wax and then cast her bronze. Head bowed, there is a dignified humility in her posture. She is not exactly a monk or nun, but still wears flowing gold robes with intricate patterns. Flowers in her hair and bangles on her wrists are simple adornments of eastern culture. She represents lineage and tradition, a meditation practice that has principles and depth.

Like any history, she will leave her imprint upon us. I hope the new image brings forth what we have learned from our history, and what we hold dear now. She is on the homepage to welcome you to our practice and sangha.