Gratitude for an ancient tradition in modern times

If you think you know what the term secular means, you might want to re-visit what you know. My interactions with the following individuals and organizations over the past two years have deepened my personal understanding, and have influenced our direction as a non-profit organization.

I pass them along to you as a way of “paying it forward.”


-GRANT: Hemera Foundation
Sati Sangha is a “Healthy Buddhist Communities” grant recipient from the Hemera Foundation. In 2020, we will design three online Ethical Reflecting modules for Buddhist teachers, and refine and develop our online modules for mentorship and teacher teaching in Reflective Meditation.

-WEBSITE: Secular Buddhist Network put together by Ramsey Margolis and Mike Slott

-PODCAST: Ted Meissner, of the Secular Buddhist Association
Prescribing the Dharma: Psychotherapists, Buddhist Traditions and Defining Religion

-PODCASTS: The Ezra Klein Show
We don’t just feel emotions, we make them.
We live in The Good Place. And we’re screwing it up.

-BOOK: Matthew Remski
Practice And All Is Coming: Abuse, Cult Dynamics, And Healing In Yoga And Beyond

-RESEARCH: Ann Gleig and Amy Langenberg
Buddhist scholars receive grant to study sexual abuse in American Buddhism

-STUDY GROUPS: Two secular book studies starting in 2020, online via Sati Sangha Zoom Room 2
Love Between Equals by Polly Young Eisendrath – Janet Keyes with your collaboration, contact Jennie Reece to start in mid January
The Five Invitations by Frank Ostaseski – Gerry Ritchie with your collaboration, contact Jennie Reece to start in mid February

Below: the ancient oral tradition of sharing dharma meets podcasts, publishing, and technology.