What kind of relationship would you like to have with your meditation practice? 
How much structure do you need to sustain and maintain it?
What guidance would you give to yourself or other meditators?

Feel more comfortable with your inner mess, allow things to go on longer, grow and develop patience, friendliness, wholesome qualities, settle within overwhelm, wander and explore, untangle and ‘sort through’ knots and stuck places.

Focus on particular aspects of practice you would like to refine and cultivate, challenge yourself, step outside the mess, feel calm from observation, clarifying frameworks and associations, build and strengthen concentration.

“It’s amazing what you can learn by reflecting on your meditation.
Linda assists you to get the most out of the reflection process.”
– Maggie Clark, Pottsville, NSW Australia

I offer unique, individualized support for meditators and meditation teachers. When we meet, either online or in person, we will take the time to customize your meditation practice or your development as a meditation teacher.

If you are interested in a free initial consultation, please email me at linda@satisangha.org.  

More Information

Suggested support: $30-160 per meeting. We encourage regular students to make an ongoing commitment with a monthly pledge.

Meeting online: My online meetings are held via Zoom. Please familiarize yourself with our Online Meeting Information before our first meeting.

Meeting Times: All online meetings will be listed in PST/PDT (Los Angeles).  

Please consult this time converter if you are in a different time zone:

The way I hear myself is the way I often look at myself. By journaling and then reporting my sitting, the teacher gives questions that helps me hear something in a different way, and I can then see more than I did before.
– Bonita Thomas, San Luis Obispo CA USA