Qualities of Receptive Listening

  • Engaged – listening to the meditation sitting, while paying attention to your thoughts and feelings is a development from practice in this orientation
  • Restrained – knowing your views and triggers, putting the meditator’s sitting experience first
  • Humble – trained but not becoming the authority, not the expert on their experience
  • Inquisitive – asking about experiences, frequent words or phrases, looking for changes in their experience, questioning their assumptions
  • Accepting – they are leading, you are holding their views provisionally, not looking for compliance
  • Flexible – don’t know where the interview will go, while having ideas where the interview will go – providing broadening and focusing
  • Anchored – in the dharma teachings (the ones you know), you along with the conversation become the anchor for the interview, allows the student to internalize the process
  • Open-minded – assisting the development of tolerance for a variety of states, opening up the relationship to their experience
  • Discerning – comparing states of mind, relationship to experience
  • Encouraging – desire to support the meditator to stay close to their experience, in finding their own direction and authority, awareness and validation of their efforts
  • Generous – during the explorative conversation, restraining your certainty is an act of generosity

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