Retreat Recordings: Intentional Stillness and Activity

Reflective meditation develops awareness and calm; but it’s not enough to just be settled in meditation. It’s necessary to allow these qualities to inform the activities of our lives.

Along with reflective meditation practice, consider what you would like to choose as an activity for this retreat. What do you want to dedicate some time to? What do you want to know more about? What do you value? Some possible areas are: your job, movement or exercise, political action, creativity or hobby, family, health activities or issues, reading and studying in more depth. Base your choice on the conditions in your life now.

Our closing comments to the group:
We  hope the retreat has impacted your meditation, your activity and your life in a beneficial way.
We hope you are able to stay the course of whatever developed and what matters to you.
And we hope that you know when you need to do course correction, make adjustments, and be flexible.

Listen to the retreat recordings here: