Self Improvement

We like to think
that because we have learned to know
our various mind states
we ought to be able to order up our preferred
ones, like on Amazon

We think self-awareness should reduce envy
or that if we are really good meditators,
we won’t feel the sting of envy at all,
or the need for more chocolate

In any given moment we take on faith
the feeling This is Me, rather than seeing
how many different This is Me states arise
in a day, an hour, a moment

Instead of seeking to rid ourselves of
unwished for mind states, it turns out we’re
developing self-awareness for its own sake

Knowing our own mind is the true path to freedom;
not to improve This is Me,
but to know her right now,
even as the box with the flying arrow strikes the porch,
and she rushes to try on the latest mental fashion

-Janet Keyes
Befriend Your Mind